Faceless Olive Wood Nativity Set

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A lifetime treasure and family heirloom.

  1. This graceful Nativity Set without facial details express the humility and Holiness of the birth of Jesus. ┼
  2. The stable with its folding floors, Mary, Joseph, the three wise men and the animals are all individually delicately crafted.They surround baby Jesus figure in His separate manger piece.♥
  3.  A beautiful angel is carved into the the Main Manger piece which is made of small individual miniature pieces and are carved into a manger shapes to preserve the beauty and character of the olive wood.
Faceless Olive Wood Nativity Set

►Perfectly sized for a personal display.
►A perfect holiday gift 
►A cherished Christmas centerpiece!
►An artistic keepsake


Product details:

  • 11" W. x 9.5" H. x 7.25" L.
  • Made in Israel

12 Figurines

Joseph:4.5" X 2" ~ (12cm X 5cm)
Mary: 4.5" X 2" ~(12cm X 5cm)
Baby Jesus: 2.5" X 1" ~(6cm X 2.5cm)
Jesus's Separate Manger 3" X 1.5"(7cmX4cm)

3 Kings:
King 1 5.5" X 2"  ~(14cm X 5cm)
King 2 5" X 2" ~ (12.5cm X 5cm)
King 3 4.3/4" X 2"  ~(12cm X 4cm)

Shepherd: 4.5" X 2" ~ (12cm X 4.5cm)

Animal 1 4" X 1.5" ~ (10cm X 4cm)
Animal 2 4" X 1.5" ~ (10cm X 4cm)
Animal 3 3" X 1.5" ~ (9cm X 4cm)
Animal 4 3" X 1.5" ~ (9cm X 4cm)

The wood itself comes from older trees that are unproductive for fruit as well as from the pruning of younger trees. No trees are ever destroyed for the use of their wood. This is due to the fact that Olive Trees are protected by the Holy Land Law as well as by the Holy Bible itself since the ancient times.

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