Association "Our Green Horizon"

Association for the protection and sustainable use of the Amazonian environment.

The world is in your hands. Help us to save him! The future of the planet is linked to the survival of the "Amazon Forest" recognized by all as the "Lung of the World" !!!


Angie continues the Academy of Fine Arts in the city of Iquitos (peru), thanks to your support, the transport costs and the academy is supported at 100%, the family lives in extreme poverty.Angie and all of us sincerely thank you.Give LOVE, many children need you.

Only Love, Sharing and Empathy will save the WORLD !!!


 A big thank you to Cinzia Verra and Luciana Micillo for this incredible SPECIAL ADOPTION. Thanks to them, the child received clothes, vitamins and school materials.



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  2. Association "Our Green Horizon"